Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for parts, busy at school, C110 progress

School is back in session.  I don't have near the time I used to for garage time...... the 90cc C110 is almost done, waiting for places to open to get some new handlebars.  Should finish today.  Blew a fuse in the chimp last night at the motorcycle circle thing.  CL still leaks a little oil out of where that shop messed it up.    My friend Zach and I just went to get another C110 to fix up for his wifey.  .  .  .  .  time for a smoothie.

Below are the new tires that just came in for my C110 racer.  17 inch race tires imported from Germany.  Now I need to get these put on somewhere.....  Hendenau, the German teacher at school would be proud?  I need a name for this bike!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Honda C110 90cc Piranha Engine Upgrade

Bought this bike as a mutt anyway so we decided to swap out the already wrong c100 engine (with the kickstart rod broken off) and swap in a 90cc semi-auto Piranha engine.
Here are the parts!
 The engine/tank-less frame looks so sad...
 All mounted up!  I actually got the tank on and the wiring figured out too (has spark!) but the c110 exhaust wouldn't fit.  I have to get an aftermarket one.  The lights are just running off the stator right now and I would like to get a battery in here so it's more safe to run at night (in case of break down).  Want to add a kill switch and I need to modify the brake lever/ footrests to fit the wider engine.  The slide throttle is not working well either....although it is more aesthetically pleasing, I would like to switch it up and clean up the handlebars.  IF all this gets done and it is still warm, new tires/tubes will be a must.  
Vroom Vroom soon I hope!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

CL activity

With my other project more ridable, I have been neglecting the CL.
Today she got new clutch plates, an on/off switch for the headlight, new oil, and a new speedo.  I took the mountain bike one off of this bike too.  Not reliable enough..... The one I put on is from a c102?  I think.  It only goes up to 60 but if you are going faster than that then its speeding anyway so......
I also rewired the rectifier to the battery. 
 Vroom, vroom.

Honda Sport Cub C110

1960 Honda Sport Cub C110
Honda used intake and exhaust techniques from its RC GP racers to this engine to make it faster.  It boasted an upswept muffler and manual clutch and was very popular among younger riders.
I like the color way on this guy.....might think about doing something similar on my bike.
Check out the crazy turn signals!
In 'merica it was called the Sport 50.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This guy.

New to the family: 1968 CB350 K0

1968 CB350. Very low VIN number.  
I got her for less than half of the original selling price and in the spring will sell her for more.
The 68's are the only year I like of these motorcycles stock.  Tank shape is way better, shifter is cooler, seat and hinge are lower profile.  The best thing about this one is the previous owner already spent the money on new cables and the basic fix-up stuff, he just couldn't figure out how to start it. .  .  .
Chrome is even all shiny......maybe I will keep it....
 Welcome to the family. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum

My cousin Heath got hitched last weekend so I made the trip up to Butler Indiana.  Found out when I got there that not only was there an open bar at the reception (no alcohol for me but me and my 10yr old cousin Calista made random mixed drinks with flavored syrups, ginger ale, and the normal run of juices that a bar carries) but the reception was also at the Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum!
I don't think I would ever make the trip just to go here but of course I have an interest in these cool old modes of transportation from the beginning of the motor vehicle era.  I took random pictures and for the most part, have no idea what they were, just that they looked cool to me ;?
Made it!
 I would love to run one of these old lights on a project bike.....

 This little guy was a 1916 Rauch and LAng J-6.  It was ELECTRIC, had 6 forward speeds, and 3 reverse!  This 100 inch wheelbased beauty cost $3,000 back in the day.....thats like....a lot now.
 This one was sick!

 Big pimpin'
 This is the The Tasco.  It had a 150 horse V-8 in it.  Looks fun!

 There was also this random 1933 BSA.  I guess the Cord part of the company rode it?  Maybe?

Monday, August 8, 2011

One project feeds another

Tired of that electronic crap that looks kinda corny.  Time for some old reliable mechanical speedo action.  Now I know how fast I'm going.  It came off my c110 project.
 I hate you hole, I hate you.
 Goodbye rebel, goodbye.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hotrods and Hillbilly's 2011

Last weekend.  SOO hot.  Put some miles on the bike and made some new friends.  Harley's just built broke down, Honda's left on needed new batteries.  Hutch's new bike killed it.  

 Adam's shaft drive chopper

 Ichirou's flathead

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mid-Ohio Dollar

First Aid box

Check out the illustrations and the symptoms and treatment chart!
"Bleeding-Arteries:   Bright red blood spurting from wound."
City Property.
Old metal boxes. . . . . love'm
This was a steal at 1 dollar.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Waiting for wings to dry after a downpour.

Honda Benly Super Sport

This is an advertisement in the Motorcycle Mechanics magazine, July 1963.  I wish I could get the mini fairing from the top of the headlight.....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Motorcycle Mechanics, Honda C110 Article

July 1963.  Two page spread about the Honda C110.
Left Page
 Right Page
   I picked this up on Ebay because of the C110 article but the entire magazine is amazing.  I will try to post the best pages here.  Motorcycle Mechanics was a magazine out of London.  I actually ordered this from the UK.  I am not sure how long this magazine was alive or where to get more issues but it is one of the best things I have every stumbled  upon......the pictures, advertisements, and articles put you in a messed up English time-warp.
  "It was quite possible to burn great hunks of rubber from the footrests by cornering at speed."  Priceless.  I am going to put a 150cc engine in this eventually.....scary.