Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Honda Dreams

Blue and Red
I am pretty sure that I have seen this one at MidOhio.  The double CL exhaust is sick.....    Look at the turn signals just above the light.  If they looked like that, I would be down for some on my dream....
 I have seen these around red ones around too.  I believe it is a 250cc dream?  This was the "sporty" version, maybe.  Mud flaps, fairing...look at that mini fairing.. it would be cool on my project bike.....
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the info plates.... I was low on batteries!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Honda Benly JC56

Honda Benly JC56  1955.
 This is the 3rd generation of the Benly J model.  This one had increased power and the Dream-type pressed metal backbone.  The forks were designed for racing at the Isle of Man.  According to Honda, ride comfort was excellent.
Look at those front forks!  They are sick!  Check out the way the levers are attached too.  I would love to do that to my old ca95 dream
Airbox with BENLY pressed metal.  I love old engines with fins.  I even like flathead motors.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

C110 progress?

Took apart the front end in an attempt to find out what I can replace it with.  I found out that there are many options but I have to find forks short enough for the job.  I ended up mulling around Two wheels for a while.  They have a ton of old Honda front ends.  After doing some measuring I figured out I need a CL100 triple tree and ST90 front forks.  Already ordered should be here in about a week.  Hope I don't have to rebuild the forks.  Also got a gasket set, new piston, and rings for the C110 and a front fork rebuild set for my CT90 -(fork boots, springs, bushings, and spacers).  I need to get another battery and maybe a chain for the C110.  
 The frame looks sad.  I need to get this thing back on the road!
 Front forks were bent AND I wanted hydraulic forks for this so I can attach some mini clip-ons.
 This was the battery in the frame.  It wasn't hooked up at all.  I have never seen a HM (Honda Manufacturing) logo on a battery.  I wonder how old this is......
  I need more space in my garage!  I need a bigger garage!!!!   I checked out local places but they seem expensive...  After a short CL ride today I backed it in the garage and then I just stayed seated while working on the C110.  Unbelievably cramped...
  The CL got new grips.  It is shifting way better.  I think it just needs to be ridden, and timed....  I am lazy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1964? Honda C110

Couldn't resist.  Got a new bike today for a few bills.  
New Castle Indiana seemed like a sad place.  
Runs and rides but smokes and spits.  Took it around the block and then started dismantling it.
 Everything is covered in oil.
 Just before head removal.  Look at all those zip-ties.  I don't understand why the previous owner thought this was okay. . . .There is supposed to be an oil line connecting the rockers and the cylinder but this guy took it a step further and had it connected to the bottom end too (where the stock air box should be connected to no less....)
 Literally dripping with oil.....but the bike still started first kick. . . . 
 Top end removal....start!
 Rockers...can't tell if they need help.  
 Valves looked okay, they were both seated nicely.
 Taking this to Two Wheels tomorrow.  Have to go get a gasket for the CT90 anyway.
 Don't worry, your friends will be back soon.  Don't look so sad.
My goal is to get this engine running strong, swap it into the other C110 then get a piranha 150CC engine for this and turn it into a little race bike......trying to find a fork tube front end that I can swap into this also.......

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mid-Ohio 2011

Got back from Canada/Michigan just in time for Mid-Ohio!

  3-up in a Toyota truck.  Bikes in the back, snacks in the cooler, shades and hats-> check
 Going through the Columbus Ohio area and you think we are not going to skate?   First stop Dublin.   I put 3 pictures on here to convince you NOT to go here.   Or I guess, to go here to see how to NOT pour concrete, then go to Powell.
 It has some fun sections.....
 Powell was fun!  Street stuff was good.  Good bowl (from what I could see, can't skate that stuff....).  Local teeny boppers were killin' it.....

**-- MidOhio! --**
Saw too much to even document.  This is just the stuff that stood out this year.  We were here for hours picking through parts the whole time.  Didn't have time to see the races..(and the rain kind of stopped them).  Next year we MUST camp and set up a booth, camp, get down with the hillbillies!
Tickets please
 I am not sure what kind of bike this has a 150cc piranha engine in it though..Looks like a c110 with a different tank.  I am definitely going to make one of these eventually.
 This is my idea of a goldwing trike!  My dad might not agree....
 Van-life.  Sick!  It was even period correct....ha
 Honda Monkey s - t - r - e - t - c - h - e - d.  Rice Paddy motorcycles.  Yeah.
 Last year I was hurtin' but this year I came prepared.  Fruit and smart water fueled the 5+ hour picking.  Got gooogly eyed after about half of the booths.  Saw some amazing crap.  Didn't buy all of it.....  Overall I think every one of us came up.  Hard case luggage, old honda literature and manual, 4X350 carbs with good diaphrams, cl350 exhaust, brake light thingy, old tool bag and first aid box, memories, redneck sunburn.  Regrets?  I should have bought the ca95dream, 150 Benly mufflers I saw for 150.......  I wish we would have had room for the two cl77's one of the racers was trying to sell me or the two 350's I bet I could have haggled down....  Oh well.  There is always next year and I have too much in my garage right now anyway.   
Dirty apple eating.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Michigan/Canada Trip Day 4

The 4th day was a riding miles day.  Trying to make it home before sundown but stay off of big roads.  We did stop at this one park in Michigan.  It was fun!  Locals were killing it too!  (Go MAX)  Note to self, Mexican food before skatepark is bad idea.....

.......big, small, steep, good coping........

 We had to zigzager to avoid 69 and 31.  Some roads ended up looking like this.  We road through Amish towns and passed numerous buggies.  Swerving around road apples.....
When it got dark, I realized my running brake light was burnt out...  It was fun watching the fireflies bounce off Tim.  It almost looked like he was going into warp speed or something...  
This weekend, Mid-Ohio.  Get yrselfs ready boyz.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Michigan/Canada Trip Day 3

Day 3.  Michigan and Canada.
 I don't remember if we went here on day 2 or 3.....losing it at this point.  I think i fell asleep. Indypark copy park.  Wasn't feeling it.  Razors and huffies everywhere.  What is up with Razor scooters in Michigan anyway.  .  . lame
 Tim doesn't know how scary this photo is.  Or maybe he does.  I am scared for the future.
 Bridge over troubled water.  Looks like it descends into the ground.....
 Stupid seagulls.  One thing I  know I would get really sick of if I lived close to the lake.   I waited for this one.....
 Bridge ride.
at the end of the bridge....
 Welcome to Canada.  Same as America only people say EH?  all the time.  Seriously.  They do.....
 Your skull and concrete don't mix.  Really.
 Actually pretty fun.  "Do you like Tony Hawk or something?"  What??....
 Back to 'merica.  Duty free for proof of visitation and get ready for the heckle at the border.  They didn't like Tim.  Checked up on the story with me.  
 Locks!  We hung out waiting for a boat to pass through.  Yeah!  These are huge.  All I wanted to do was jump in....  The workers here get to ride around on big yellow cushman scooters.  I swear they were playing tag at one point...maybe not.  Big construction dudes look silly on yellow cushman scooters.  I guess that is why the parking lot was filled with Harley's....overcompensation?  
 Sometimes cobra pipes mounting brackets brake......only when you ride 90's for a tank of gas.  Now we know, right Tim?  A wire hanger and a hose clamp did the trick.
 I love trains!  Couldn't pass this up.  Old photos, gift shop, dude on the roof.  Glad we stopped.
 Another bridge.  This one was under construction.  Look down to your death.  1inch grate between me and the lake pulling my wheel back and forth.  
 Quit looking at me.
 Trilogy skatepark.  This was the mirror image of Indy park.  Freaky.  Needs paint.  Falling here would remove a lot of skin.....  
Crazy right?  It was fun though.  Every Indypark kid needs to make a trip here.

Rode south a few more hours down back roads looking for cherries and blueberries till it was time to sleep.  Stayed in the worst motel ever.  I should have slept on the sidewalk somewhere, or paid more for quality.