Monday, May 28, 2012

XL350 Wiring Diagram (and XL250)

XL250/350 wiring diagram.
These bikes stock would run fine without a battery.
I want to keep the headlight and brake/running lights in a non-battery system.
Almost time to color code....

Here is another general diagram from the same manual.

Memorial day isn't even over yet.

I guess CB360 clutch mechanisms are notorious for having a popping problem.
New clutch cables aren't made exactly to spec...among other things.
Z took off the adjuster nuts (at the engine and lever) and now it works!
He put new clutch plates in while it was open too.

CB360's definitely have more power than the older smaller 350 brother...
Who is that in the background?

Grizzle!  Put that thing away!

Mean muggin'.

Went for a short little ride.  
I need to get a uni filter for my bike and possibly a smaller main jet....

Third day off in a row, third day of 90+ weather.
Smoothie time.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My dad's hometownish--Hartford city.

Saturday auction in Hartford City with Z and S was a blast.
So much stuff to pick through...the crowd was amazing.

There was a bunch more behind the shed.

Three cool tractors...
I liked this one the best...went for just over 3,000

I want this!

Tool boxes for days.....nothing that great though.

Garden planter anyone?

Didn't win this auction but bought some wheels off the person that did.
I did that a lot....little things you want get lumped in with expensive crap you don't want.....

I love old tractors...

The people that go to these are great.  It was over 90 today...8 hours in the scorching heat.
This guy was blue bandana man.
Almost bought a pulley from him.

Everyone called this guys "knuckles".  
He was the first to bid and also to bow out but ended up with a lot of crap.
Bought a point checker off him.
He is sitting on a seat I bought earlier....he carried it around for at least an hour using it after.

I am glad these went cheap.  
We stuck around late for this stuff and it was worth it.

Buy of the day!
(still haven't looked inside the box)
It was thrown in with some other crap I got......

On the way home...we didn't have any tie-downs so tape will work, right?
We needed a little more....
Thanks Z and S for driving and hauling all my junk!
For now my craving for other people's old junk has been satisfied......

Enco Lathe

Enco 9" x 20" lathe.  I want.  
Anybody have an opinion on this one?

Thursday, May 24, 2012


More weld can never make up for a good weld...
.............I'll try that next time.
Cradle is ready.

Bad picture.   
Brake lever in place.

Yamaha side emblems out

Wood sands much faster than steel.......

Trust & Believe

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This may be the last of the strawberries for the season.

Rooting vines to plant around the back of the fence....

Baby steps.
New bars?

Rob at CRC2 let me dig through his kickstands.
Bolts right on...kind of.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pony progress & Princess


Creapin' at me.

One ear up.
Always looks so concerned.

Cradle is prepped.
溶接 tomorrow

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rockers Reunion 2012

Rolling seven deep.
Ladies holdin' their own.
 Tons of bikes.
Lots of new junk that seemed out of place...
....and paint jobs that should not have been.
I know it's all personal preference but old bikes just look better old most of the time.

 One of the only harley's I actually like.

 Overdone paint?
You decide.