Monday, May 28, 2012

XL350 Wiring Diagram (and XL250)

XL250/350 wiring diagram.
These bikes stock would run fine without a battery.
I want to keep the headlight and brake/running lights in a non-battery system.
Almost time to color code....

Here is another general diagram from the same manual.


  1. Hey, I have a XL350, replaced the headlight cone and like an idiot didn't tag which wires go where for when they come apart. Assuming you still have it and keep track of it at all, what are the chances you could send me some pictures of the inside of the headlight cone, what's attached where... The schematic... idk, the wire colors aren't right (or maybe I'm just that incompetent).

  2. Sorry of the late response! I didn't see it! I don't have a stock XL350 anymore so I am not sure what goes where. I hope you figured it out!