Monday, March 14, 2016

RC77: Chapter 12 Brakes are for quitters.

It was time to go through the brakes.
 We have ourselves a climber....
 Nice....These guys were able to work with me on size and style.  
Sorry for the trouble!
 Chop the lock.
Headlight bracket coming soon.
 The rear brake gets new shoes.
 Family weekend.
One blind chic.

 These two...
 Finally found an old helmet we all used to wear.
 This head......can't wait.
 Rear brakes are ready for stopping.
 Atlas always helps.
 Workshop hangs!

Friday, March 4, 2016

RC77: Chapter 11. Closing in on road worthy.

Atlas always want to go out the back gate and explore.
 Donor engine. 
If this gives me compression problems I want to redo the top end with race parts and a port....

Do you see what I see?  Should have noticed when I bought it.....
These swings are the best!
Dude and a dream.
I can't wait till he will be able to kick this thing over and ride.
Christina getting arty.  Shibori dye.
You chase me?  
I climb tree.
Jawa bones.
Derek helping out again.
I can't TIG.
Tim's backyard bowl.  
Atlas found one he can carry around easier.
Aluminum seat pan dreams.
Need more space for a metal bandsaw.....
Go position for a fuel valve, right?
Kicker supports enough for now.
Weekend adventures.
He didn't like the beaten path.
I can't believe how coordinated he is.
Something like this.
Only different.
Mayo hates me.
This is what it looks like when I weld.  
I will clean it up later...
MIG tacked for Derek.
Always skateboarding.
Close enough for now.
Tear down for weld up.
Tank was ready for a rust clean and leak test.