Friday, March 4, 2016

RC77: Chapter 11. Closing in on road worthy.

Atlas always want to go out the back gate and explore.
 Donor engine. 
If this gives me compression problems I want to redo the top end with race parts and a port....

Do you see what I see?  Should have noticed when I bought it.....
These swings are the best!
Dude and a dream.
I can't wait till he will be able to kick this thing over and ride.
Christina getting arty.  Shibori dye.
You chase me?  
I climb tree.
Jawa bones.
Derek helping out again.
I can't TIG.
Tim's backyard bowl.  
Atlas found one he can carry around easier.
Aluminum seat pan dreams.
Need more space for a metal bandsaw.....
Go position for a fuel valve, right?
Kicker supports enough for now.
Weekend adventures.
He didn't like the beaten path.
I can't believe how coordinated he is.
Something like this.
Only different.
Mayo hates me.
This is what it looks like when I weld.  
I will clean it up later...
MIG tacked for Derek.
Always skateboarding.
Close enough for now.
Tear down for weld up.
Tank was ready for a rust clean and leak test.

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  1. I came here to look at a post from 4 years ago (, and I wonder what happened to that bike now!) and ended up wanting to be friends with your whole family! Y'all look like a great bunch. Be well!