Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RC77: Chapter 10 Treatments, Atlas and the winter that wasn't. Some welding in here too.

February was super mild around Indiana.  Skateboarding a few weekends back with my dudes.
Bloody lip slip.
 Plenty of skoaches to go around.

 I cut and sanded the piece to fit the tank.
Time to get Derek over here again.
 I am scared of the seat...it might be cardboard for a while.

 New sprockets and chain.
 Headlight from a swap or antique shop?
 These need prepped and positioned.
 Quiet contemplation.
First trip to a コンビニ.
Well, the closest thing in Indiana anyway.
 Never gets old.
 Hutch hooked up a variety of kickstands for me to try.
I choose this one.
I am over using carb bathes and cleaner.
Upped the game with a ultrasonic machine.
I thought I might be able to make a little money too.
Carbs cleaned, $50 a pop.  I prefer a rebuild kit but can give it back to you to replace gaskets, etc.
 Eat off that aluminum. 
Nah, that's going to far.
 Tank is tacked and ready.
Go, Derek, Go!

 Looking good.
 Two of my students got Atlas his first Valentine's flower!
 My 12kg springs came in.
Yes.  I weigh nothing.
 Shiny Keihin goodness.
 Time to get serious?
14 vials of blood.
Bring some good news, please.
IV every Thursday.
I just got off a Chinese herb that gave me a brief WBC/RBC/Platelet bump.
I am back on genistein for DNA repair and just transitioned to Reishi/Agaricus for some apoptosis.
I also checking out DHEA and CBD oil.  Both have (clinical) research backing bringing numbers back to normal with leukemia patients but Hairy Cell is tricky because it isn't as researched, etc.  My spleen is still huge and liver seems off but all my testing comes back showing my organs are working well/still going strong.  I also got NAET testing done again all major allergies are gone.  I go back in 3 months to see if things are still holding.  The blood taken in the 14 vials above will give me results I  can go over with the doctor at the end of this month.  I'm getting pretty sick of needles.  
I often wonder what my dad would have to say about all this.  
I know he would be supportive, like my mom, Christina, and friends always are.  
I think I am doing pretty well staying strong with everything but it would be nice to have my dad around to hug me and tell me everything is going to be alright.

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