Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer storms

Every time I wear this jacket I get rained on....

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Florida----Daytona Beach

2206 miles.
2 humans, 2 dogs.
1 tiny car
57.5 MPG

Boat ride with Jesse
 Hung out with Christina's family all week.  Thanks for the boat ride Jesse!

 Sea turtle season

 Jelliessss everywhere....
Saw wild sea turtles, manatee, dolphins.......
 Everybody knows grapes don't fly....
Time to come home
1999.9...somewhere in...Kentucky maybe?
 Glad to be back in the midwest...
 Hello, home!
Stop doing everything.


Dolphins from Marineland

 Daily driver S90 at a fast food restaurant in Daytona


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Everyone is a pony.......

SR250 Day 2

  Went through the carbs again.  
Charged battery, again.
New plug.
Cleaned all the electrical connections and grounds in the ignition system and added dialectic grease.
It finally decided to run.......poorly.
A few more minor adjustments and....

It idles fine now but doesn't want to come down off revving......though it does, slowly.
I saw this complaint a lot on the forums.  
When this thing gets stripped down, it is getting a new mikuni.....

This is also the expansion chamber on the exhaust that has a huge hole in it. 
When you rev it in the gravel, it creates a dust storm!

 This is the other side.  It has the chain tension guide.

I think she likes it.

1981 Yamaha SR250 "Exciter"

      Ever since I helped Masaru with his SR400 a few years ago, I always wanted to have work with a bike from this series. I've been looking for a good light but fast bike for Christina to ride as well.
 This is the only old bike in my garage that doesn't have a kick start and has an electronic ignition.
It makes working on this thing not as fun.....and after researching the forums, I realize this may be Japanese born but it's no Honda.....  Gonna have to learn a whole new set of fixes for a whole new set of wonky-ass problems.  I think I just need to buy a new carb. 150+Psi and plenty of spark.
Day two of gas fumes I come.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Surprise visit(s)

  Just minding my own business when.....
Tim stopped in for a surprise visit.
Back in town for a day.
 Hutch on his way back from a moto trip and Kyle W. just pedaling by.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What summer days are for

Cataract falls
 Alley shot

Inter-web photo dump

Pictures of interest from random inter-web sites.
Design, ideas, strangeness, cuteness, etc. all played a role in their selection.

 Engine x Exhaust x Oil tank X Handlebars
 Earlier the better
 Kids on bikes
 Sad bars
 Kids on bikes
Rat disk
 Rims x Tires
 Fancy slow