Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1981 Yamaha SR250 "Exciter"

      Ever since I helped Masaru with his SR400 a few years ago, I always wanted to have work with a bike from this series. I've been looking for a good light but fast bike for Christina to ride as well.
 This is the only old bike in my garage that doesn't have a kick start and has an electronic ignition.
It makes working on this thing not as fun.....and after researching the forums, I realize this may be Japanese born but it's no Honda.....  Gonna have to learn a whole new set of fixes for a whole new set of wonky-ass problems.  I think I just need to buy a new carb. 150+Psi and plenty of spark.
Day two of gas fumes brain...here I come.  


  1. We prefer brake cleaner fumes down here...lol

  2. Ugh....that's no fun either. All my bikes but the shadow have drum brakes......I rebuilt a master cylinder and caliper for a bike flip once and told myself I would avoid hydraulic brakes from then on....