Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One more

I thought this was interesting too. . . .

You have to be alone in order to fully appreciate another person's presence.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder in different words.

Buddhist thoughts?

So, I have anger problems. Most people do, some worse than others. I think my friends that don't are lucky. I read books about this from time to time and to break things up a little bit, I want to share some. This one is about how to keep from getting mad at people that are close to you.

The moment of gratitude is a moment of enlightenment, of mindfulness, of intelligence. It is a manifestation from the depths of your consciousness. you have this understanding and insight in you but when you get angry, your gratitude and love do not seem to be there at all. You feel as if they never existed. For this reason you should write down those feelings of gratitude for a person so you can remember even when you are angry.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


  Top end got a reset from Phil at Faron's. Thanks! It looks good!
Pedal power try part two. After messing up my last frame.....I got this one working today. Thanks for Shawn at Joe's in Fountain square for the bottom bracket help, that guy at the bicycle place on 34th and central for the cheap pedals, crank, and chain ring, Christina for working while those two guys from the monon stopped by to chat, and of course Tim for hooking me up with the frame! So much better than fixed AND i can still skid!
Bet you didn't know I took this...Mozzy is the only one that found me....
My beautiful (poop eating) girl.

Saturday morning relax....

Cl engine rebuild appears to be a success. In the process of a seat right now. I hope to get it done soon.
Switching gears..to a single speed coaster brake hub. Gotta go get a new crank? yeah? I don't know much about these bike things without engines......
The Garden 2011. 4 types of tomatoes. Tomato plants from last year sneeeeking up through the soil too. Big bertha peppers, strawberries, and cucumbers for now. Just the basics but it will keep me busy......I have a little space left.... I want to do another tire patch garden with something with vines like pumpkins, watermelon, squash.....need another tire!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heard this once....

....live a life that is worth remembering with a photo or a scar.

I got lucky. Both my bike and body are easy fixes.....

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I love this bike........I want to make another one.....


is moyou's BF.

and they finally got to play. First time since her surgery. She is bigger, faster and has way more teeth now. The tables have turned?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

One mans trash

is another mans trash can.
Really dad? You don't want this? Can't you see it has potential?

Chimp side covers are stained and drying. Ground off the center stand mounting assembly tonight too. The chimp is ready for the show on Saturday.

The part of my family

time forgot. I need to make more of an effort to visit these four....
Give me some good weather and a summer break, and 4 hours away becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure... . . Hope to see you all soon.
Chris with the mellow yellow, priceless.
Yes, I know you still think I am creepy. One day you will think I am fun, one day......


Harper, it's been a while.
Picking dandies
Mentally preparing for the slide....
Making sure all condition are in line for departure
Good job!

This all happened right after she sat on her potty on the back porch facing the lake trying to poop while watching a music video about potty time on a cell phone. All very embarrassing I would say but hey.........She even waved at the boats passing by! The joys of raising a child.


Is cute. I think she looks a little like a glow bug....do you remember those? But in a good way, duh.Oh my......grammmma got yah!
'Bout to get in trouble....
Maybe in a few years, but no, you cannot borrow my camera.

Right before they left, Finley, AKA vomit queen, gave my big toe a going away present. It's alright I forgive you for now, but I never forget......

There is more than corn....

in Indiana.....
Family weekend at the lake minus my Brother and crew.
Happy Dad!
Paddle boat was fun!
Looking forward to this in when it gets warmer...
First time on one of these since I can remember. went 70mph in the straight..... fun but a little scary. I think I want an old one to mess around and modify now......uh oh....
And this was the crew that was left when I finally got my camera out. More to come....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Never too sick

to work in the garage with my pup. Turn my head off and fade into my own little world.....

After working on the CL last night, the hardtail was getting jealous.....
Leather electronics cover. Yeah? probably not. Oh well.............at least now I know.
Rubber knee pads came in today too.
Still need to stain the side emblems but other than that and some 120/70 jets for the carbs. This bike is done for a minute.

Crossing my fingers for my engine on the CL....got a call today. Apparently the cam chain roller is not worth putting back in the engine and my compression problem was due to using the wrong gasket glue stuff....how was I supposed to know? It says it is for engines right on it...... It was turning over hard because there was no compression building up to force it over. Never making that mistake again. Never taking an entire engine to get rebuilt again either....probably....... They miraculously had another cam chain roller laying around....hmm.... if the valves aren't bent, I should have it back early next week!.....hopefully?

Psyched for the mini-marathon this weekend. I prefer the 2 or 4 wheeled type of recreational activities but the whole family will be around for the first time in months......need some family time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011





Monday, May 2, 2011

C2 refresh

Time for new plugs, oil and filter change, and rebuild the front left fork(leaky seal). Here she is with only one tooth.....
These were easier to rebuild than the old cb forks or my friends KZ. I was a little nervous about getting the seals on without the special tool but in the end it worked out.
All put back together. I wanted to test ride tonight but of course it is raining.... I am pretty sure I have different weight oil in the forks now....(10 in the right, 7 in the left) so I might have to rebuild the right one just to balance things out.....not really sure what this will do to the ride. Oh well.
Had to rig up a spark plug puller for two of the plugs. These have been in there for thousands of miles.......should have changed them last season but didn't want to mess with the two deeper ones...I think they needed changed.
I am in waiting to change the oil till tomorrow.....everything is drained, I just need a new filter. I have and OEM one that my dad thought would fit that he had left over from a bike or two ago....won't work though. K&N's are easier to install/take off anyway!


Sunday, May 1, 2011


I miss this little dirtbag......