Monday, February 29, 2016

RC77: Chapter 9. Bumbling around with the bike and Atlas

I always need help with the engines these days.  
Hutch to the rescue!
Remember, bottom two bolts first next time...
 Coming along.
 Figuring out carb clearance for some velocity stacks.
 Snow house?
Cold hands.
 Getting this tank to fit.
I cut and sanded out an area so the neck will *just* fit.
 But what about this setup?
Nah....tired of tiny tanks.
 Handlebars are okay for now.
 Getting there.
 Kinda fits.
 Maybe too small for this one still....
 Bicycle swap with Atlas and the boys.
This would be sweet for 10 years.
 Or this and he could take Moyou for rides.
 I need to figure out a kickstand.
Everything for these cb77's was attached to a feeble aluminum bracket that attached to the frame in two places.  Possibly the worst thing about the stock bike.  I chopped off the center stand mount there is room for a kickstand there now.....twisted metal came with the bike.  The other thing here with the footpegs is from a cl77.
I have also been thinking about footpegs.  For some reason things tend to lean to the dirt bike side of things when I have my way with parts.  There are donors from an early XL350.
 Tie and balloon to him and let hime run around the store.
That is my style parenting.
Just kidding.
Kind of.
Last year at this time my Dad was goofing around in Hawaii with my mom.  That place was always magical for my father.  He took our family there so many time over the last couple decades.  Vacations in general but especially when in Hawaii dad was actually able to turn off and be more present.  He always had something churning around up in his head but when we were in there he was normally focused on finding adventures for everyone.  I surfed for the first time, went to my first farmers market, went to my first nude beach, swam in my first waterfall with my dad there, first kayak...........memories I will always cherish.  I don't know if I will ever be able to go there again but if I ever had the chance again I would love to hike back to the waterfall and swim under the waterfall....I have an old film picture of him laying on a huge rock sunning after we made it back there.  I need to find it!

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