Saturday, February 6, 2016

RC77: Chapter 6 Family, Uncle Paul, Frame work.

Every post should start out with family, right?

First food?
Special friends.
 Matt catching the fever.
 New darlings.
 Hammock hangs.
 Chilling' with Jane.
 Moon Family shot.
 Trail blazing.
 Dreyer Honda event.  
Gentlemen ran like a champ.
 Kentucky Kickdown 2015.
This was a first for us and we will probably make the trip next year too?
This easy rider cb77 was legit......and so was the CL77 next to it.
 Wabash walkabout.
 Moms, cats, and an Atlas.
 Atlas' first motorcycle ride?!?  
 The best helper.  
A gasket and some Italian wizardry and poof, it's fixed!
 Shooting the shooter.
 Figuring out my rake and trail.
Don't judge me.
Stop it.
 Ready to pop this one off too!  
Where is that tank?
Let's do this!
 Casey scored this jig.
Must have been fate that I was looking for one.
Atlas is always psyched to help in the workshop.
 A lot of this.

   I spent a Saturday at an auction a few weekends back near where my dad grew up.  They had a couple bikes and some random goodies.  Ended up with a lock instead of a bike in the end (thankfully) but the people watching was the best.  Since I was close to where my uncle lives, I gave him a call just to see what he was up to.  Dad and him had always talked but really reconnected after dad retired.  They were flipping wrecked cars, building boat lifts and all other types of building repair and construction.  The truck and car I drive as well as the van my sister totes her 3, soon to be 4 children in were put back on the road by their handy work. Not surprisingly, my father had a list of things to do when he got back from Hawaii and the list included adventures with Paul.  I think about Paul a lot these days and wonder how he is holding up and what he is working on.  When I called that day I was in shock for a second.  I didn't realize how similar they sound both in tone and word choice.  I miss calling dad for no reason and asking what he is doing or for advice on all the random things I try to fix.  Paul's voice that day reminded me though that I still have a number of messages my dad left me on my phone.  I haven't listened to them in a long time but it is somehow comforting knowing that they are there.  Paul called me back a few weeks ago just to see if I won anything at the auction.  It was nice to know he will also be calling me.
I am going to keep calling Paul randomly just to hear what he has brewing in his workshop.  Maybe he will have a story to share with me about dad sometimes.
Later on in the build, I hope to have him put the base coat on my tank when I get it figured out and also clear it after its all done.  Paul and dad worked together on that triumph chopper I have posted pictures of.  It will be nice to have a little of his handy work on this bike.

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