Sunday, January 31, 2016

RC77: Chapter 5 Flipping the switch. 作るきっかけ

Everyday with this kid.....
 Summer wrapping
 I can't get enough of this old photo of my mom.
This was the Triumph my dad sold to buy her ring.

 Steer Inn on the Crocker's wheelie popper.
 Hutch shot.  I can't wait to ride this again.
 Took some of my old students to Japan.
Kinkakuji in the back.
 Horizontal engine Honda policewoman.  
The most feared of all police.  
Nobody gets away.
 Midohio missed but dream bike secured.  
Good times in Ohio.
 Florida vacation!
Kisses from grandpa.
 I think this was the last Hutch ride on the shadow.  
Central Indiana no-where without a care.
 Kentucky kick down with the Crockers.
His head is so much bigger now!
 This may be what lit the fire under me to start the cb77 build up again.  
A running/riding cb77 for sale at Martinsville swap meet.
Super high miles, no rebuild.  
Sounded so me dreaming....
This kid.
 Bought him a chair.
He likes the CL77 roller.
When I was studying in Japan in 2001, my Mom and Dad came to visit for a few days and stayed out in the countryside for a while and Tokyo for a couple days also.  I remember it was cherry blossom season, the only one I have ever been able to experience, so it must have been March.  My dad was always looking for something new to experience.  It could have been a new travel destination, hobby, license, or just a new tool to play with.  He of course loved tools.  One thing I will never forget about their visit to Japan was when dad and I went and played Pachinko near their hotel off the JR Sugamo station.  We were both new to it so he bought us both 500 yen worth of metal balls and we went at it.  I think dad lost his in only a few minutes but for some reason, no matter how little I tried, I kept winning.  I remember being so over it I tried to get some random person to take my earnings and finish playing but they of course denied me and instead cheered me on.  I am not sure how long we ended up staying but in the end I won about 80 dollars (8000 yen) from the 500 and traded it in for  Kangol boxers, Penguin socks, and a bottled water.  I kept the boxers for years even though they had holes and I didn't wear them.  I let go of them but only because I knew I still have the holes yet but I only pull them out for special occasions.  

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