Monday, January 11, 2016

RC77: Chapter 3 Allergies, Atlas, and my dad on the baby dream

The RC77 stayed in my garage for a few months unchanged while everything else took me for a ride.

It's 20 degrees and snowing for the first real string of day this winter.
I don't feel like going out in the cold or even heating up the workshop tonight.

Engine work.
I rebuilt the cb160 engine for the race bike.  Matt did all the porting for me!

I hurt my spleen skateboarding and later found out I had Hairy Cell Leukemia.
This is from the bone aspiration.  In other words, that is a piece of bone they sucked out of me.
Don't ever do this.

Atlas Haruki was born.  
Best thing ever.  Duh.
I have so many pictures.  
Check out this for his first hundred days.-->

And a picture of part of the daily regiment from about a year ago.  Still going strong though a lot has changed.

I don't have many pictures of my Dad with Atlas.  This is one of my favorites.

Current status?  

On Monday or Tuesday every I have been going up north to get allergy treatments done.  One of the initial blood tests done over a year ago revealed that my body is under a lot of stress from allergies from numerous sources.  More specific testing revealed that I was mildly allergic to just about everything I eat on a daily basis, which was alarming at first, but I later found out that this usually means you have a "leaky gut" condition.  My food allergies alone couldn't come close to counting for my total number though.  Some foods that popped up I haven't eaten since I changed to a vegan diet over 15 years ago. The other major players in my allergy profile were trees and weeds but mainly grasses.  My naturopath told me to find a NAET practitioner but I put it off for a few months (many months) hoping that with all the other treatments I was doing it would go down.....and at that time I was in a lot of pain from my spleen and still overwhelmed by everything.
NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques.  If you want more information on it--->
In short it is a mix of computer diagnostics and muscle testing to determine what and how allergic (sensitive) you are to different substances and then treat it using acupressure points and the actual substances in question.  When I finally went in for my initial appointment a few months back, the diagnostic showed I was allergic to many foods, grasses, eggs, etc. --> similar but not exactly the same as the blood test from almost a year earlier.  Every time I go in for treatment my body reacts pretty well-->usually my lymph system swells up and my spleen and liver have even felt like there were processing the treatments.  They even have specialized treatments for my Leukemia and the CD20 antigen that my body is having difficulty with.  I have a couple more weeks of treatments then I will do the diagnostic again.  We do muscle testing weekly and this always turn out strong so my hope is that I have eliminated much of what was on my report and my body will be able to bounce back quicker (build more platelets, white bloods cells, neutrophils, hemoglobin, etc) so I the IV treatments I do every Thursday will be more effective.  Also, in February I am going to get the allergy testing with my blood done again to see if my overall number has decreased.  My initial IgE numbers in November of 2014 were 335 -->anything over 87 is considered high.  A few month ago, before I began NAET treatments, it cam back over 400...... so obviously I started treatment right away.  I can't wait to be done with this one extra thing to do every week....I just want to be home hanging with the family.

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