Sunday, January 24, 2016

RC77: Chapter 4 Family.

Florida Fam. represent!  Jane looking good in the motorcycle den.
This will be a picture to replicate at some point.  Atlas looks so confused.
Honda Z600.
This is probably going to be too rusty to get on the road.  Picking it up was a journey.  Matt and I to Ft. Wayne.  Figuring out this crazy trailer.  Dragging this green mass onto the trailer.....
Dad was a lot more excited about me buying this car than he ever had been about my vintage motorcycle purchases.  He and his brother had been fixing up cars for fun and I was looking forward to watching him get excited about it......That was a big part of the excitement.  In the end he didn't even get to see it in person.  The conversation we had that weekend while trying to get the trailer hooked up was one of the last times we spoke at length, and probably the last time he ever taught me how to do something.  It's hard to believe it has been almost a year.

I was looking forward to leaving Atlas with grandpa for adventure time as he grew up.  It's hard to believe that this was the last time they saw each other.  It makes my role as his role as his father that much more difficult knowing I will never be able to call my dad for advice.  
Love at first cuddle.
I love you, pops.
I I had to include this one too.  Grandpa and great grandson.  Looks like Atlas is about to box.

Tell your parents you love them tonight.  

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