Thursday, February 18, 2016

RC77: Chapter 7 Rake and Extend. Working in the shop with dad.

Slug in place after Z helped me adjust the neck.  
Slugs turned in the shop with drops provided by my buddy Jeff.
I hope we get to skate together this spring and summer!
 Nasty MIG weld done by yours truly.
 When cutting DOM tubing to extend swing arms, always make sure to fasten baby securely to your back.  Atlas staring at the ceiling.
 When turning said tubing, make sure friends are close by to supervise....your child.
 All tubing was of course procured at Warner Steel.
Honda mini wheelie poppin' Mike and family kill it over there.

 Tig welds provided by Derek Crocker.
I've almost used up all my Crocker tokens.
Bring a set of carbs over for cleaning soon!
 TIG clean up with better penetration on the backbone.

 Duck adventure?
 Asleep already?
 Truing what I have to work with.
I would love some high shoulder aluminum rims.....
 Warm skate day in winter.
Upper cascades is always a good time.
 Not yet, buddy.
Christina photo

When working on the first two bikes I "built" (both Honda 350 twins) I often took parts up to my dad and brother's shops.  One winter when making the hardtail for the "Chimp" I remember staying out in dad's shop chopping, fitting, grinding, drilling, bending, and welding.  Ryan was out working on his RX7 and dad was working on one of his many ongoing projects.  

**He always had the longest list of things to do.  I bet dad liked making those lists, and after completing each task, I bet he felt good.  We didn't ever talk about the feelings associated with them but I make similar lists, less now than I used to but no matter what I put on it, I almost always get excited to start on it and when I finish I always look forward to marking stuff off.  Silly probably but I know dad always marked his items off as he did them, and I bet he got the same feeling.  Some people would probably get anxiety making a list and looking at it in this way.  I am always happy to get all the things I have been thinking about doing down on paper and excited for when I will get to cross them off.......

I loved working in the garage with Ryan and Dad.  We didn't talk much or even need each others' help very often but just sharing the same space and working creatively on our respective chores/projects/tasks gave us a sense of unity that I am luck to have been able to experience.  I know dad was happier with us out there too.  I miss working out in the shop with him.  I miss hearing his funny ways of expressing anger/trying not to swear.  I miss his random singing, especially his version of "my baby does the hanky-panky."  I hope I get to experience this feeling with my son at some point in our lives.  To be able to look over my shoulder and see him putting all his energy into something he loves.  Hopefully I can get up to Ryan's shop soon and check out what he has brewing and use his mill to fancy up the rims on the RC77.  

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