Saturday, May 26, 2012

My dad's hometownish--Hartford city.

Saturday auction in Hartford City with Z and S was a blast.
So much stuff to pick through...the crowd was amazing.

There was a bunch more behind the shed.

Three cool tractors...
I liked this one the best...went for just over 3,000

I want this!

Tool boxes for days.....nothing that great though.

Garden planter anyone?

Didn't win this auction but bought some wheels off the person that did.
I did that a lot....little things you want get lumped in with expensive crap you don't want.....

I love old tractors...

The people that go to these are great.  It was over 90 today...8 hours in the scorching heat.
This guy was blue bandana man.
Almost bought a pulley from him.

Everyone called this guys "knuckles".  
He was the first to bid and also to bow out but ended up with a lot of crap.
Bought a point checker off him.
He is sitting on a seat I bought earlier....he carried it around for at least an hour using it after.

I am glad these went cheap.  
We stuck around late for this stuff and it was worth it.

Buy of the day!
(still haven't looked inside the box)
It was thrown in with some other crap I got......

On the way home...we didn't have any tie-downs so tape will work, right?
We needed a little more....
Thanks Z and S for driving and hauling all my junk!
For now my craving for other people's old junk has been satisfied......

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