Monday, February 13, 2012

Masaru is the man

  I stumbled upon these tonight as I was avoiding Shubiki and his OPT files.....
I must apologize for my face being in too many of these.
I miss Masaru and I miss Japan.  
The cut off age for the JET program is 35 right?........

CL250 parked outside of Nike park in Shibuya.  Nice.....

Just left MXMXM....bombing the hill under the train tracks going to get some ROLAN!

Yeah, another smith grind.....

Vegan Donuts in Tokyo.
Again, try to focus on the neat characters in the background of the post office or that guy with the hat.

Masaru hooking it up taking me to the Honda collection hall at the Motegi raceway...I owe you big.

Don't remember the name of this park but it was SOO hot.  I definitely had some skate hangover the next day.

Climbing wall next to the park.

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