Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Trails

"You think you can take me on that little XR100?" -C
"Yes, try to keep up!"-Me

Trail through the woods.

Oh?    Trying to catch up are we?

It wasn't really fair.
Logs only I can hop over....grass and bushes 3-4 feet tall.
She didn't ever have a chance....

Time to go home.....

Who is this waiting for me?
At first glance her mouth looks like she is pouting...
but really she is saying "Broom broom broom"-!

"When can I ride?"-D
"When they come out with booster seats for motorcycles and Karla won't kill Ryan for letting me"-Me
Sad face - D

"That's a bunch of S%#@!" -D 
(at least what I imagine her three year old brain thinking)

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