Friday, October 12, 2012

Workbench: A bad story.

Once upon a time a wizard got a workbench on wheels for free.  Not only was it made of the highest quality wood and steel, but it also had a nice vice and plug and grinder hardwired and ready for any type of work.  This old workbench served its purpose in life as an outside space to work and grind for a wizard that liked to make two-wheeled-turds.  It loved being a workbench but little did it know, those days were coming to an end.

During June and July of 2012 the workbench was used on and off each week, which made it feel good. You see, for years before that it was sitting lonely in a garage that was crowded with junk and dust.  The renewed sense of life that the wizard gave the workbench made it happy.

Then in late summer the workbench noticed the wizard wasn't visiting it as much.  Sometimes weeks would go by without even a glance in its direction.  This made the workbench sad.

One day the wizard was organizing around the workbench with a heightened sense of urgency.  The workbench knew that it may not get any use but it was glad to have some company none the less.  The workbench did find it strange that the wizard was working so late at night but it was too tired to think about it too much and went to bed to the sound of tools and motorcycle parts being moved about.

In the morning the workbench awoke to a tidy area just for itself.  The wizard soon joined it but there was a strange look on his face.  The wizard, without even touching the workbenches vice or grinder, pushed it in the corner and started stacking things around it.  It felt abandoned and sad and that familiar feeling of neglect began to creep back into its bones.

Over the next week the workbench watched the wizard as he worked with other wizards.  Tirelessly they nailed wood together.  Measuring twice, cutting once, nailing, wizard stopped for frequent breaks to drink from strange tinted bottles.  Day after day.   Night after night this continued.  At first the workbench was happy being a spectator.  Watching the wizards was almost as fun as helping them.  After a few hours on the 4th day of work though it hit him.

Its wizard owner was making a workshop.....which meant that the workbench would soon be ignored for years again....  The workbench was sad.  On the 5th and 6th day it fact it even started to rust a little......the thought of being lonely without any wizard contact for another 10 years was just too much to bear....

One evening about a day after the workshop was completed, the owner wizard came over to the workbench and started to clean it out.  The workbench was surprised and a little uneasy but soon realized that the wizard was preparing it for its next stage in life.  It wasn't going to be cast aside to become a dusty worthless hunk.  I was going to be re-born into something beautiful!

The workbench had actually been in transition for the last 15 years.  Little did it know, the 10 years it lay sad and lonely before the wizard found it, its insides had been preparing it to be reborn into a more useful and beautiful tool chest!  Not just any tool chest but one with drawers with action smooth as silk and a fold out locking front cover.

The wizard grinded, pounded, and cussed a little.  It took about an hour and a half and it hurt sometimes but soon the workbench was re-born into a beautiful even more useful sliding drawer tool chest!  It was happy with its new form and now it looks forward to spending it days in the new workshop where it will be useful to the wizard for years to come.  The wizard even gave it a name.  Its new name was Kennedy.


Insides ready to be reborn.

Fruit of the workbench.
Cool old safety glasses that need cleaned.

Nice Vice.


Old Kirby Lit.

Wish this was in it.

Christians in Africa.

Just after rebirth.  Outside the O.R.
As you can see Moyou wizard was supervising. 
Like a newly born wizard, Kennedy still needs a little more cleaning before it can make its debut.

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