Monday, March 24, 2014

CB175, Front wheels, Mozzypantasaurus

Rebuilt the carbs, added small pods, installed a new coil, charged the new battery, sparky sparked.
 Came to me with broken bars.
Re-ran all the wiring.
Trying to decide whether I work with the crap I have or do a complete rewire and spend more time customizing and have more fun with the rebuild....
 Shaggy pee-smellin' turd.
 70's pupstar.
"Paint me like one of your french girls."
 Not bent!
 Not too shabby clean.
115mph rated tire on 17inch tire on the way.
No need to go to the salt flats.
East Coast Timing Association.
Records in the 300 and 175.
Monday night.
Coming out of Lowe's.
Genius use of jumper cables.

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