Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend at home.

Snowing spring.
Chop chop.
 Done until anodizer station.
Finished what I started but gonna make some new ones.....
 Timing gun.
Brother tigger.
 CL160 needed stripped.
 55 Degrees felt like 80 today.
Bars are gonna get it in the heat tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2014

CL160 Tinker Tank Emblems.

My favorite part of the tank.
Not circles.
Not even close.

Cut and burn.
Protective coat.
Tank done.

Student art.

Downloaded Maverick for the iMac.
Magically my scanner started working.
This was the last thing in it, from months ago...

How my students and I communicate.
Google translate that, fools.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rainy. Thursday.

Aluminum.  Thanks JH!
Now there is really no excuse not to make those delete caps..
 Exhaust ring flange day.
Hours on this thing....
 Version one.
 Version two.
This will be cut down the middle and used as two.
More surface area to weld to....
 Front fender mounted.
Need to cut it down....
I slid this over next to her to see if she understand what size is.
 Hey, you do!
 Oh wait, I guess you fit perfect in the small one.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 That is gonna look something like that....
....but skinnier, longer, less angle.
 Looks simple.
Decisions, decisions.
Thanks K.
What angle?
Just wangged it....
Thanks Z.
 Don't be a hater, be a calculator.
This looks like a decent position. ?
Flappin' shadowy wings.
 Force to be reckoned with.
 Could be cleaner.
I ain't a welder.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facts are facts and fiction's fiction.

Liars- Mess.
Give it a listen.

Bars seen better days.

 Firing on all....(2)....cylinders!
Come on now spring, give me a nice day to ride it around....
CB160 wiring trance.
13 volts a-go-go.
 CL160 tank side emblem start.
It was a cold day for outside scroll saw action.
 Burn. Stain. Drill. Mount.
 Petcock rebuild.
Ready for gas.

Monday, March 24, 2014

CB175, Front wheels, Mozzypantasaurus

Rebuilt the carbs, added small pods, installed a new coil, charged the new battery, sparky sparked.
 Came to me with broken bars.
Re-ran all the wiring.
Trying to decide whether I work with the crap I have or do a complete rewire and spend more time customizing and have more fun with the rebuild....
 Shaggy pee-smellin' turd.
 70's pupstar.
"Paint me like one of your french girls."
 Not bent!
 Not too shabby clean.
115mph rated tire on 17inch tire on the way.
No need to go to the salt flats.
East Coast Timing Association.
Records in the 300 and 175.
Monday night.
Coming out of Lowe's.
Genius use of jumper cables.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

CB175 Start.

Crazy day...

I was hoping to have this started by the end of today but some unexpected good things happened...
Somebody drained the float bowls for me years ago.
And...they don't sink.
Ready for re-assembly tomorrow.
 This has been in my back yard forever.

A "Can't sleep" idea popped into my head.
Get outttta here.
Can't you hear or see I have a saw??
Flower pot/Raised garden plot!