Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scrambler from heaven

I have always thought these bikes are the best looking stock bikes Honda made in the 60's and 70's if not ever.  I have kicked myself for passing a few of them up over the years so when this survivor popped up I knew I had to grab it.  Life is too short to live it will motorcycle regrets.  

This 1966 Honda CL77 was a two owner Ohio bike that has probably never seen dirt.  Complete except for a mirror and the heat shield, (which was taken off by his wife for safe storage....hopefully coming in the mail) this bike at what I paid is probably the best deal I have ever gotten on a bike I paid for.  (My neighbor GAVE me the baby dream so that doesn't count, right?)  

6000 miles

Parked inside since he lost interest in it 1973

Good compression

Tune up and go, right!?!

Road trip brunchin'
 The trip would have still been worth it just to meet these guys.
Cussing brothers.
Retired middle school teacher asking me why the hell I would want to teacher!
Stories about kicking cars while riding.
 This was a first.
Poopie blowout at the grocery store.
 This tool kit is almost 50 years old!
 The pleasure was ours.

 Was about to buy points but......

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