Sunday, November 27, 2011


...started with some diabetes cake, traditional not traditional thank you feast with the old lady and 3 animals, and a season of sons of anarchy.  The best and the worst.
Then to the lake to see the family.  Dessie loves leaves.

Harper was hilarious.  Dangerous.  She already knows how to fake emotions to manipulate.  Scary.

I think this is how she really felt.  ?

"When I see Tyson he is going to chase me and I am going to hide and shut the door on him."  I think this is where Harper meant for it to happen.  
"Death Grip" Finley struggles to break free.

This is the family minus mom and dad.  I wish I got to see all of these guys more.  Will there be 4 or 5 little ones this time next year?

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