Monday, April 16, 2012

Clearance Clearance Clearance

The chain, frame, tire and brake rod are going to have to be very friendly on this bike....
I hope the tires I ordered get here soon and are not very wide....

Chain and imaginary Kenda big block tires....
(I can offset the rear sprocket about one centimeter from where it is now...but much more and the brake rod won't function.)

Chain and lower frame.
(I can make a smaller rear sprocket.....this will get better when the jackshaft gets adjusted)

Chain and engine.
(I can adjust the jackshaft out)

The clearance between the frame and chain gets better the farther back the rim is.
I guess I should also keep in mind weight on the plunger frame will bring the chain up a bit too.

The best welding goggles ever!

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