Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marion County swap 2012

Mostly harley shmarley.
Had some gems for all though.
Switches, signs, tools, an old guy with stories of hopping trains and stealing fire extinguishers.
Bert and his boys, Grant, Gunnar, Ben, and the normal indy see-everywhere's.
Even saw Ichiro who got a nice deal on a springer set up.
Z and I went and I dropped and grabbed my Insight from the glass repair shop.

Can't miss it......

Saw this on the way out.
69 305 Honda Dream.
Rusted in all the wrong places.
After market front junk and hard saddlebags.
Says he rides it all the time (with a license plate from 1979...right....)
Could be yours today for 2500.


  1. This would be cool to own. Where is Marion county ?