Monday, July 2, 2012

Less is more.

Some people make me want to quit the human race.

Mr. M says it's just -->火の粉をかぶった

Unavoidable misfortune.

This literally means sparks flying everywhere.

It can be used when something happens to someone and it wasn't their fault and there was nothing they could do to avoid it or prepare for it.

Some people just make everyone around them feel uneasy.

Sparks flying.  Unavoidable misfortune.

Some people are socially inept.

I know what I could have done to avoid it though.

There is always something that could have been done.  

After it has happened, there is nothing you can do but accept that it happened and not let it effect you more than it already has.

Another tip from Mr. M.


Let's turn this into a lesson on life.

Someone I know said it best.

L e s s   i s   m o r e.  

Apply this to people that you let into your life.

The fewer people you let in, the better you know them and closer you can be to them.

The thinner you spread yourself out by "knowing" many people the more likely you are to end up wasting your life dealing with people that don't deserve your time.

This is where opening up to new people and being nice and trying to help out a friend got me.

The sad part is I am half talking about myself.

Socially awkward.  Socially inept.

Time to go back in my cave for a while.

Everybody wins.

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