Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pony problems <-> Backyard butcher

  Got up this morning thinking I could have this running in a few hours....

  The clutch mechanism in the stator case seemed fishy so I opened it up.....

The clutch mechanism was corroded.  
I thought I could clean it out and lube it up.....
but just ended up wasting over an hour to find out part of the case was corroded beyond repair.

The shift rod looked fishy......but it was fine.
I wanted to make sure the clutch basket was good too before I filled it with new oil.
So I opened up the other side........  
Clutch plates good.
The friction plates were a little rusty.
 I cleaned them up and put them back in.

This is what the clutch mechanism is supposed to look like.  
I am glad I have an extra engine.... 
Willie's XL350 race bike from out in Terre Haute saved me again.

It's a butcher shop out in the back yard today. 
I need a break...

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