Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sad bars....

C2 was long overdue for some new bars.

Holesaw to the tubing.
Lathe to the rod (overdid the length but...you live and learn).
 Time to drill out and tap.
Needed to make a tool to hold the tap in place.
 Moyou was not impressed.
Drill it out.
 Tap that bung.
 This is a Hutch shot.
Moyou with the creeep.
 Pre-bent mocked up bars.
 Kyle came through with the late night bend.
I appreciate it!
 Time to weld.
I am horrible at welding....
Moyou was even less impressed with this.
This is before the welds got cleaned up and filled in.
I also took a few inches off the overall wingspan.
 Early mock up.
Hopefully I will be able to get these powdercoated next week.
All the aluminum switch housings are going to get zapped black soon too.
Next up:
Make new sissy bar mounts and bar.

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