Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Honda CB160 Piston Ring Installation.

I have enough bandanas for now.
Back to motorcycles.

Piston ring install.

I wasn't sure if I was going to have to adjust the rings so.....
Push the ring in.
 Measure the gap.
(CB160= .15mm~.8mm)
My new rings were pre-gapped at about .18mm.

Rings must be installed with the manufacturers marks facing up.
Order of rings.
The oil ring very obviously belongs on the bottom. 
Piston rings marked with an "R" or a "T" are the top ring.
Ones marked with an "R2" or "IT" go in the second position.
Point of caution:
The packing grease from these 40+ year old rings had become tacky which prohibited movement once installed.
They were removed, cleaned, lubed, and re-installed.
What I did on top of what I should have been doing.
It's finals season.

One of those nights.

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