Thursday, December 5, 2013


Just in time.
All organizing supervised by Moyou.

Stripped and left for dead.
Moyou was using the spice.
 This is about as chopper gold as it gets around here.
 CB160 swingarm Vs. CL175 Swingarm.
Brass bushings.................Plastic bushings
18 inches...........Length...........18.5 inches

CB175 has axle run extends .5 inches farther back.
Shock mounts are the same distance out. 
(Same as a cb77 also)
Get better bushings for the CL175 swingarm.
 Just in time.
Come on 2 hour delay.....


  1. Hey man...I've been following you for a bit and enjoy the updates. I've got a CB175 to about the same point you've got your 160(?) pieces. I'm interested to see what you use for bushings on the swing arm, and/or how difficult it is. Not sure if my email is listed with this comment, but shoot me an email if it is. I'll have some spare parts when this is over that we may be able to swap.

  2. Though they don't list it on their site, vicious cycle says they keep them in stock for around 35 dollars..I think? You might want to give them a try! They have almost everything you need for the cb160's and I think that the sloper 175's are very very similar......