Sunday, February 16, 2014

Indiana Motorcycle Expo 2014

I haven't been in a couple years.
Usually a bust....mostly new uninteresting $10,000 paint job bikes and leather jackets, patches, and helmets.
It was more of that this year but at least the Rockers Reunion guys were out this year.
It would be sick to see more individual builders get recognition.
Maybe a chopper area?
Cafe area?
Vintage bike area?
I guess that stuff is better suited for places like Midohio and Barber......
Maybe Indy just needs it's own MiddleIndiana show?
 I will always love these Ducati singles...
A rare gem in a sea of over the top paint jobs.
 This is more of what you should expect at the expo.....
I can respect the work put into these, it's just not my style.
 Fancy cycle bike.  
Represent my hood! (?)

 Rockers reunion was the sole vintage standout this year.
A ton of people stopped by to see what it was about.
 The pony.
I wonder what people think when they see this....
Think it will win best in show 2014?  
Thanks to all Eric and Adam for hauling it around!
 I would ride a CBR250R all day long!  
I might have to test ride one of these in the spring....
Christina is the next Repsol model.
 Chrome dome.
That's right. 
Extend that swingarm.
 Patches a plenty.
This old treadle machine was killing it.
 I want!

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