Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CB77 Twins.

 Brothers from the same father.
Thanks Z and Larry.

***I was told***
The bike on the left was raced on the salt flats and held the land speed record for a few years.

Totally custom frame with gas tank as the down tube, Amal carbs, ct90 looking front end...the list goes on for days.
CA77 bottom end, CB77 top with custom magneto made from an automotive distributor. 

The  bike on the left was a sand climber (Michigan)?
Fiberglass tank and seat, Amal carbs, stock frame with longer swing get the idea.
CB77 Engine.

Both engines are stuck, marvel is working them out (I hope), but I doubt either of these will run with much mmmph without at least top end rebuilds.
This is the custom magneto(?).
I can't even get the spark plug wire off without disassembling it....
but as soon as I do that, I might not be able to get it timed right again.
 These are going to be an ongoing restoration?? project.
The sandy gets a new tire.

True that rusty rim!
 New 17 x 2.00 tire.
Not easy to find one with a decent speed rating......
Popped one tube, figured it out the second time though!
Ready to race?
Ready to rock the pistons loose?
 CB160 bars are painted and ready for installation.
 Midohio? Barber?
I don't remember where I got it but I love old timing equipment!

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  1. It would be nice to see some (outside) sideshots of the salty bike... Please, please...