Thursday, April 3, 2014

Odds-n-ends Thursday.

Break in the rain.
The pups are out!
 Shadow headlight touch-ups.
 Paint booth.
 CB175 touch-up.
 I have been longing to ride the pony but the jackshaft needed fixed.

Re-tapped the set screw.
Cleaned out the casing.
Put the bearing on the lathe and widened the set screw groove.
Red loctite.

Took a ride around the block.  
I don't think the neighbors missed the pony much....
The rear bearing didn't back out at all.
Good for now.
CB160 taillight. 
Mount, hot, ground.
Wired the headlight.
I may still put in an independent switch.
I haven't had a light in the speedo of my bikes in......a long time.

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