Saturday, July 26, 2014

Almost saved.

 Now an organ donor.


CB175 taken to scrap.
Saved for a 50 dollar fee. 
Then burnt up in a crime of passion.
Hopefully I can use the front end.

Shortly after it was saved from scrap a few years ago.
 I wish I could have seen all these bikes riding around with the silly apes in the 60's and 70's.
 Don't know where the handlebars are but this is what you get after some lady gets mad at some man and decides to set a storage unit ablaze in Anderson, Indiana.  
He also lost a dirt bike and a cb750.

Mmm..Melted paint.

 Haven't pulled the cap yet.  
 Poor Keihin.
It didn't have to be this way.....

 Wish I had the other side!


 Zombie wiring.
Petcock rebuildable?
 These were somewhere else during the fire.
The second one has the best firework paint crackle!

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