Sunday, July 13, 2014

MidOhio 2014 Part 1

Have I really not posted pictures from this for 2 years?
We all went up and put stuff in a booth this year.
Thursday is the day for the deals but I spent most of my money on Friday.
Already have a different plan for next year.....

On the way in the P&L van.
 68 CD175.
This should be at Derek's right now.....

 2 stroke Suzuki dream?

 Sidecars....I need a sidecar!
 "Custom" cb77
 Double up.
 It's 'lectric.
 Every year.
 Land animal.
 Full mooning camping.

 Engine hauler.

 The dream guy.
Same booth every year.
Collection changes though.
Wrong swap meet.

 I would buy this for the right price...
 Drive by shooting.

 Classy CB100.

 Very cute!

 Take it home!
You know you want to....

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