Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now wat had hapend was.....

I got some rib damage on Friday so I can't skate which means I spent too much time on Craigslist Saturday and Sunday.  

1998 XR100
I got rid of the XR500 because it was too much bike for my little self.  
This one looks like it will be about perfect. 
 I wasn't even really looking to get one yet but the price was too low to ignore.
Needs a gasket replaced in the petcock and a rear tube........

This is a 1950's Ariel frame with plunger rear suspension.  
The lines on this thing are sick......I am going to keep most of the parts.  
The engine mounts in the front seem like they will fit an XR engine with just a little bit of work.  
Or I could take it to Ardcore with a 360 engine and see what they could do for me.
Anybody have an XR200 or bigger engine laying around that I could try on for size?

Got an estimate of sorts to build on to my garage today.
 I think it might be happening soon...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Lamb maybe?  Wish it fit better but still cute!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The germ

Started my C110 rebuild tonight
Red : Gold : Black


Cleaned and prepped parts


It has been a while since I was able to focus alone for this long.
To do:  
Mount electrical
Mount headlight/taillight
Run electric to headlight/taillight
Install footpeg mounts
throttle assembly
finish exhaust
oil cooler

Rebuild forks
new exhaust
make seat

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall break blues

No more rain
Lately this is all I see.
 2 dudes and a rainbow.....sick

 I want to see more of this.

....and this.

Come on!
I have 3 days left of this Fall break.  
Make them good!  
I have a bike to fix, 2 to build, and a park to skate!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall break - 8

The XR500 is gone. . .I was going to end up hurting myself on that thing anyway.

Today was lifan engine day!  First we got Tim's bike going!  150cc vertical lifan engine swap.
That is not Robert on the left.

 This is NOT Robert's hand over the camera.

 Tim has a field of broccoli!

My 140cc Lifan engine came in the mail!
Sold the XR just in time to have space in the garage to start putting it together....

 Moyou looks like she has a night robe on.  



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall break - Ft. Wayne

Straight to Loving Cafe.  Ordered too much.  Ate too much.  Took some home......

 Time for antiques!

 On a different day I would have probably bought this.  Honda C110 toy rip-off.  
It even has the honda logo on the tank.  The guy said he would take 30. . . .
From Gay Toys Inc. out of Michigan.

 These guys were closed.  Lame.

Back tracked to the health food store and then this place.  
What a bust....

And I got to see this little lady!
My sorcery was working but she didn't like it.  Look at her hair!

Upside down

 In the air.

 Time for bed.
She can kind of pronounce my name.  
Sounds something like the the sweeper brand dyson but close enough for me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Break - 7

Went down south to get some help on a 350 rebuild.
Came back with some goodies.

Engine rebuild.  I learned a ton from Gary today.  
Won't be the last time I take things down to him.
I have a lot more to learn.

:Notes from the field:

 If you have to use liquid gasket, this is it.
 The way I have been setting timing has worked.  
The way he showed me is how it is supposed to be done.

Note to self.  Get one of these.  Don't use a gun anymore.

Every good workshop has at least one sarcastic sign on the wall.

I am not a fan of cats but this one was cool.  
Might take her home next time.
"Grey Lady"

 Picked up a gasket, oil drain bolt, a 19inch drum brake rim, and three random tanks.

Tank 1.  Not really sure what its off of but it is skinny and nice inside.

Tank 2.  This was on an Honda Sport 65.  
I think it is an old CL175 tank though. . . . 
 Tank 3.  This is a CB200 tank.  Some moron painted the tank maroon.  
Who paints bikes maroon.  I hate the color maroon.  gimmeabreak.

Came home to this,  thanks Christina!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall break random

Thanks again Jacob.  I owe you....bring over your bike!
Right side
 Mice always tryin' get inna ma house during fall.  I foamed all these holes up.  
Bottom right:  Some of them are DYING to get in....

 Five year anniversary at Hutch's quarter.
It was fun to see everyone.  
More at Hutch's spot->
 I ripped this off his blog.  Thanks!

Fall break - 6

  Worked in the garage all day........  
Taking my engine out to gary to put a new top end/hotter cam and fresh head gasket in for next season.
He has agreed to take the time to take the time.  
 Got the cb360 running and riding today.  
The left point was grounding out on the cover and making us really mad for a minute...
 Action shot.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall break - 5

 Shawna sleepy 
I took these within minutes of each other.
Got the carbs cleaned, rebuilt, and installed with new pod filters.  Made a stand alone harness sort of thing just to start the bike and found that the points were missing 3 screws.... the person we got this bike from really had no clue.....set the point gap and got it started with the help of the redneck gas tank then set the timing.  Bike sounds good....  best sounding 150 dollar bike yet.

Toilet Bike Japan!

This is probably even better if you don't know what they are saying.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Customise your bike.

So many hilarious things about this article.  
With that face on the front page, how can you not read this...