Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dark days.

I hope I made you feel less alone through this dark time in your life.  Even though I knew it would probably come to an end and you would cut me off again, it was the least I could do after putting your through what I did years ago.  I owe you so much more and can only dream of being able to get a chance to make it up to you.  

I am thankful I had one last chance to feel close to you, to hear your voice again. 
Your warm embrace.  
I am grateful to have had the chance to let you know exactly how I felt and know that you understood and believed me.  
To know that I did everything I could have possibly done.

Being able to talk to you lifted my spirits for a couple of days.  
Lifted the pain and made me feel lighter.  
Free again, almost like when we were together.  

I am no fool though, I saw it looming above.  
Casting it’s shadow the whole time. 
Only you had the strength to lift it off of me for that short time.  
Some day I will be able to do move it on my own.  

But not today.

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