Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving of Horses

It had probably been 20 years since I rode a horse before last weekend.

Credit and Blue

I grew up around horses but didn't ever really get to know any of them.  
I had some bad experiences when I was younger that made me not trust them.
These horses don't know me well either, I usually only say hi to them once when I'm around.

I have read and heard that horses are really sensitive to human emotion.
Before I rode Credit I wanted to hang out with him for a little bit because I didn't want him to be scared or anxious about me riding.  While I was brushing him, at one point he nuzzled in my chest for a little bit and looked at me as if to say everything is going to be okay......  
I am sorry I waited so long to connect with these guys.  
I hope I can hang out with them more in the spring.

Loving Cafe with Z and S.

Dad and his Deere.
THIS is how you unload a bandsaw.

Brake pad change with Happy dad.

.38 rounds in a 357.  Not bad?  I don't know.

Last weekend seems like such a distant memory.
Re-living the nightmare.
Embracing the pain.
Trying my best to stay strong for him.
Losing myself in the sadness.

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  1. i haven't rode a horse since i was a kid. sounds like fun!