Saturday, December 24, 2011

The germ is in my house

I have been putting this off for a long time.  I have to make a seat for Gunnar this week so I thought I would get everything out and make mine first.  I was originally going to use the original foam that had been cut and formed but I decided last minute it was too gross.....and I wanted to use my electric meat cutter on the foam to see how well it would work.

Would you like a demo?

I will never use the hot knife to cut foam again.  Ever.

Yeah, I skipped the most annoying step.  .  . cutting out and sewing the seat vinyl.

Not finished yet but its getting close.  I need to make circle emblems out of wood, and finish the rear brake and wire it in.

Vroom Vroom?

The seat is longer that I wanted it to be.  I will probably end up cutting it down an inch or two (and the frame) and wiring a brake in the back of it.   

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