Wednesday, December 14, 2011

House Garage Ariel Colt

I have been taking advantage of the house garage and since bike night is at TJ's tomorrow, I wanted to work a little on my own stuff tonight again.  

I did this a few nights ago.  Finished mocking up the germ and wired in the headlight and plugs for the rear lights.  Still don't know what to do about a break light.....  Like that gold throttle cable?...

This is where my motorcycle A.D.D. kicks in.  I have three bikes and I want to build them all right now.  I have been pb blasting rusty parts for removal, tonight I took everything but the plunger shocks and forks apart.  I think it is strange that the bolts for this are SAE......oh well.  I guess the set my dad bought for me in high school will finally get some use.  

I thought this part was interesting.  It is a switch/relay for the rear brake light.  I hope this still works, I want to re-use it.

I took the tires off to see how rusty the rims were inside they looked decent so I will be able to use them.  These are the tubes that were on this bike.  Made in Great Britain.  What is that picture of in the circle on the left?

I think I am done with her for now. . .want to take the shocks apart and make sure they aren't sketchy.  I need to check the brakes too.  I don't know where I can get new pads though.  The only place I could find was in Europe and they "reconditioned" them.  I am guessing this means adding more pad somehow?  These are really similar to other old British bikes, I wonder if there is someone in town that can do that...
          I am still looking for an xr250 engine for this frame.  I would even consider an XR100 engine for the right price.....

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