Sunday, March 11, 2012

1976 Honda XL250 Carb rebuild

I intended to just flip this bike but when a friend wants it, you have to give it some real attention.
Carb rebuild.....I will have it for you by Friday!!!

Didn't want to have to do this but I am glad I did.
The "mechanic" I bought this bike from must not have had a float bowl gasket.. he used this red crap that obviously reacts with gas.
I wonder why it was cutting out at 4,000/5,000RPM on the way to the gas station today.....

I think I want to make a dirt-bobber out of one of these or an XL350.
Not for me though...who wants one?

Carb bath and new jets, needle and gaskets on the way.

Oh yeah...went on the first mini road trip of the year today.  
Too much to post....coming soon.

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