Friday, March 30, 2012

Dorcheste, England

I am about to eat some pudding (dessert)
My mom needs her fringe cut (bangs)
My dad needs to change his nappy (diaper)
The lorries are going on strike.  (trucks drivers)
Don't forget your marigolds when you clean the house (yellow rubber gloves)
Tomorrow I am going to try and find some bits (parts, as in motorcycle)

Tobacco causes cancer.  Every country says it differently. 

I can picture Tim in this...

Pink VW! Groovie Bus!

Crazy hat lady. 
Apparently the lady that lives here changes the hats on her 6+ statues regularly.
She saw me take this picture...adding fuel to fire, or I guess pertol as it were. 
I just want her solar panels.

Normal road?


What did I say about adding petrol to the fire? 
This guys LOVED that I was taking his picture in his lotus.

More normal houses.
I want a brick one too!

Everywhere...and they have a phone in them.  No doctor though..

Crest of Dorchester I suppose.

This is an underwear pillow.

The door knockers are cool....and these old goggles were too.

This scary old bear was loosing its hair...

I want to write "is in" on the wall in sharpie with a correction carrot.


Eh.  Honda rip off.

The truckers that deliver gas have declared they will strike (in 10 days) so everyone is filling up.  Blocking traffic.  Being silly.

Elderflower drank.

Salad with my mum.

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