Sunday, October 13, 2013

Barber 2013 Volume 1


It all starts with the decision to make the trip.
7.5 hours one-way.  1000 miles plus round trip.
Sometimes there are tough decisions to be made.


Chemical vegan.
My tongue is still slightly burned from the mixing of...whatever the hell is in this processed crap.
Bad Idea #1

The full of anticipation trip through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee to Alabama wasn't too bad.
This guy decided to throw his cards in at the final hour.
Thanks for not letting me go alone.

It was 3:30?  4:30?  
I don't remember.  
2 hours of "sleep" above the battery.
Just before we rode through Birmingham and into the swap at 7:30 on Friday morning.

Bad Idea #2

 Fast Forward 12 hours.
It is time to drive home.
Delirious doesn't begin to describe the state we were both in.
Sunburns in October.
Swap meet high.
Road trip sore.
My little Insight is not made for the hills of the deep south.

You will be missed.

Boobie Bungalow?
Everybody else's bad idea.
 Bad Idea #5 or so?
No lard, so full of "flavor."
 Bad Idea #6
 Bad Idea #7
 Bad Idea #8
The only redeeming quality of this food was that it was hot. 
Kind of.
Just outside Nashville?
 Bad Idea #9
Only "let" this dude drive for an hour or so.
 Justin's PB cups to the rescue.
Damn, I look old.
Bad Idea #10
Bad Idea #11.....
....was deciding to drive home after all that.
The last 2 or 3 hours consisted of Zac playing Queen.
I sang in Japanese as best I could.
Gonna start a youtube channel.
Or not.

This post itself was probably a bad idea.
Swap, Paddocks, and Grounds posts coming soonish.

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