Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Barber Vintage Festival Volume 3: The paddocks

This is the whole compound.
Way too much to cover in a day.

Volume 3 comes mostly from the silver in the middle.
The Paddocks.
Paddock pass.
What is your duty?
...to have fun.
 Sidecar races will always fascinate me.
One day?
 I focused on the 160/200 class.
We spent a lot of time talking with the guys from Vicious Cycle.
The only way to learn.
They have the #1 and 2 racers in this class.
Humble, down to earth fellows that didn't mind answering my stupid noob questions....
...for like an hour......
I may not ever give you a run for your money but I hope to see you out there next year.


 Looks like we need to find an XS650 engine for the Sidecar race build, right Z?
 Vicious dudes in the back.
Vroom in the front.

 ahhh....I got my fix for now.
Back on the trolley.
And back to the swap for the second run-through.
The track here is supposed to be the best in North America.
 Comes with the bail of hay.
But not the vulture.
 Lawn ornament.
 Righteous Redneck action.
 Old boy must have sold his SB350 dream.

 Looks like a bug.
 I want to ride a bike with these tires on it sometime....

 My kind of sidecar race.
 Long 2 days.
Booty Loot.

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