Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CB160 top end disassembly

For the stock bike.

Work space: 

Remove tappet covers and loosen valves.
Remove engine head plate.
9 nuts.
Bring the engine to TDC, loosen cam chain, and remove master link.
(Don't loose anything, dummy.)
Pop the head off.
Tap with a rubber mallet if stuck.
(Don't loose any dowels.)
None of the valves look bad but I will be taking in an extra head just in case...
 Time to slip the cylinder block off.
That damn chain is going to want to run and hide.
My countermeasure key-rings turned out to be untrustworthy. 
 Done for now.
The oil in this parts engine I got from Midohio two years ago was like muddy sludge....
Don't think I will be using this one without a complete bottom end rebuild....
 Family photo.  
These guys are always down for tinkering.
Taking it to Quinlin's Automotive.
They like working on old bikes and their quote was 1/4 of a different shop in town....

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