Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bro, Bro. Mill time.

We all have the gears for creation.
Some people just don't know it.
We just need someone to show us it's possible.

Growing up it was my dad.
For fabrication though its this guy.
Thanks Brobro.

Making parts for his CNC.

Thanks Quinlin Automotive!
 This one is next.
 Rough intake.
 Slightly smoother.
 Exhaust notches.

 Lightly ported?

 Clean head notches.
 Putty plugged.
Stretch and sand.

 Mill time.
 Front Hub trick nasty,

 Sewer grate.
 Dream catcher.
 Half done so no sneeek peeek.
Need to get a colette extension to finish.

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