Friday, November 29, 2013

Choose your own adventure.

The road goes on forever and the ADVENTURE never ends.

He knows a guys who used to work with a guy who knows a guy I know that set up a booth at this swap I also did that always goes to midohio and has a barn full of.......

For better or worse, old Japanese motorcycles are the glue that holds a strange subculture of dudes in their 20's to 80's together in Indiana and the Midwest.
Who do you know?

The quickest 2 hour drive is the one down to Awbreys.
Somewhere on 50, 58, 135.......
Going 50 or 60 through 35mph turns.
In an insight.  Is still fun.
 Loved him some triples.

 Small displacement row.
 7 large.

 Rainbow?  ---closed
Owlery? ---closed
Rhett? ---Beanie!
B-foods? ---Vegan mango/gingersnap ice cream sandwich RULED
This place kills it....
Get rid of one of the 100 stupid froyo places in town and GIVE ME THIS!!!

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