Monday, November 11, 2013

Japan. 2006. ?.

I found 3 roles on cd of 110 photos from Japan while I was in the basement the other day.
You could think of it as a miniature version of medium format I guess.
Toy camera.
This is the first one.
The CD is labeled 2006.


I randomly started talking to an old woman next to the skatepark one day.
 She said her dog loved skateboards so she took him here a lot.

 Random street setup.

 Chillin' in Kuramo's bug.

 Kuramo's arm.
 The old road bike I used to keep there.
 I used to ride the bike 15 miles one way to skate this park in 90 degree weather a few times a week.
In Tokyo traffic.
Sometimes I would barely make it home.

Learned backtails and smith grinds here.
That prefab 5 was so fun...
 Nice hair.....

 More of TJ.


 2 summers before I started teaching?
I miss Tokyo.
I miss it a lot.

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