Friday, November 29, 2013

Choose your own adventure.

The road goes on forever and the ADVENTURE never ends.

He knows a guys who used to work with a guy who knows a guy I know that set up a booth at this swap I also did that always goes to midohio and has a barn full of.......

For better or worse, old Japanese motorcycles are the glue that holds a strange subculture of dudes in their 20's to 80's together in Indiana and the Midwest.
Who do you know?

The quickest 2 hour drive is the one down to Awbreys.
Somewhere on 50, 58, 135.......
Going 50 or 60 through 35mph turns.
In an insight.  Is still fun.
 Loved him some triples.

 Small displacement row.
 7 large.

 Rainbow?  ---closed
Owlery? ---closed
Rhett? ---Beanie!
B-foods? ---Vegan mango/gingersnap ice cream sandwich RULED
This place kills it....
Get rid of one of the 100 stupid froyo places in town and GIVE ME THIS!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

This engine should give thanks....

...that I didn't throw it out the window on the way to the skatepark.

2 hours turned to 6.
I guess I should be thankful I have many engines to pull parts from.....

 Two problems right away.
One fixed.
 One caused about 2-3 more hours of work.....
 Yet another problem...
 This is the part I wish I could have used.                                                                                                This is the bottom end I used.
Surfaces clean, no cracks in the case.                                                                                                    Gasket surfaces decent.
I didn't want to switch out the shifter for mechanism but....                                                                                      Transmission looked good.

This was the problem.
I ended up breaking off a drill bit in it before I could get a chance to extract it.
Time to pull, clean, and swap a different top case......
 Gasket surfaces cut, sudzed, final clean.
 Re-installed in the new case.
 The cleaned and ready top with the ready to go bottom.
 A lot happened after this.
Throwing things.
Reading the manual.
Feeling helpless.
Feeling of chopped guts.
 And magically it went back together.
This was one of the biggest struggles and I have nothing to show for it.
New cam chain.
Everything is almost ready....
 New race clutch springs.
 A little more push....
 Ready for the top end.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sometimes skateboarding isn't skateboarding.

-famous quote by Papa Puff.

Sometimes bike building isn't bike building, either.
Its all just tinkering though, right?

Weld-me table.
Size small.

Moyou is not too sure about this.
 Getting closer.
 I'm sorry for being so loud.
 One more thing.....
 Something like this?
 I'll get to you tomorrow.
 Soul saver.

O.R. organization re-attempted.
(minus) White cart

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lacey Sunday.

Modeskelektor and Royksopp all day long.
Cleaning then re-lacing a CL175 rear hub to a CB160 rim.
Vicious cycle told me to.

Hours on the wire wheel today.
 This rusty dirty pile.......................................................clean enough.
Spokes in holes.
 Fancy brassy flare +9.
Work it in.
 Bigcity stopped by to chat.
Action shot Hutch.
 Moyou took this opportunity to remove every one of her toys from her toy bin and put them in her crate.
"Acting out"
 What I did next to what I should have been doing.
100+ tests still not graded.
 Not perfect.  

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Searching.

Staying home for a change.

Pampered myself with pancakes.
 Had a lot of this going one.
Gasket surface cleaning.

 What up stinka.
My crankshaft and clutch mechanism spring are not your playground.
 Memory game with motorcycles
Moyou inspection.
Reinstall ready?
I have time.
Rust soak spokes.